Supporting 撸sir视频 and Bute鈥檚 young people

Ensuring young people develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the world of work by connecting them and their schools with employers, is having a positive effect across 撸sir视频 and Bute.

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) initiative, delivered by 撸sir视频 and Bute Council and coordinated by DYW 撸sir视频 and Bute connects local employers with education to boost employment opportunities and future career prospects for young people in the area.

A key factor in the success of the project over the last three years has been the appointment of four DYW school coordinators. Since their introduction, the initiative is going from strength to strength with coordinators creating school-employer partnerships to help young people prepare for work.

As a result, DYW 撸sir视频 and Bute has increased engagement with employers by nearly 70% and young people by 411% and provided 250 DYW-related activities between 2023-24.

The DYW coordinators have worked closely with schools to identify young people with the greatest barriers to entering work and the wide range of positive destinations including work, further education, volunteering and training available to them. Together with schools, Skills Development Scotland and Third Sector partners, DYW has supported 153 disengaged or vulnerable young people to secure positive destinations and help build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in work. This marks an increase of over 90 young people from the previous year.

Jennifer Crocket, 撸sir视频 and Bute Council鈥檚 Head of Education:

鈥淭he partnership between our schools, local employers and third sector organisations under the DYW umbrella has been invaluable in creating and enhancing employment opportunities for 撸sir视频 and Bute鈥檚 young people.

The appointment of DYW co-ordinators, in particular, has been extremely beneficial in helping to develop close, dynamic and mutually rewarding links between local employers and schools which, in turn, has helped facilitate high-quality, individually-tailored work placements for our youngsters.鈥

鈥淲e will continue to work closely with all our partners to ensure that our young people have the widest possible range of opportunities in further education, training and employment and the support they need to achieve their career ambitions.鈥

The second annual 撸sir视频 and Bute DYW Conference took place on 29 May in Oban. It brought together organisations and partners who are committed to preparing young people for the world of work.  

This year鈥檚 conference focused on meeting the needs of and providing opportunities for the young people who need them most. The conference included delegates from Education and other council services, Community Learning and Development, Skills Development Scotland, employers and Third Sector partners. Delegates heard from young people who have particular needs in terms of accessing the job market and how DYW have helped them.

A key outcome for the conference was a commitment to raise awareness of how employers, agencies and third sectors can come together to support young people who need it the most. This includes increased employment, training, volunteering and further education opportunities for all young people, no matter their background or circumstances.


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